Makeup Artist Jo Drake

Check out our interview with Makeup Artist Jo Drake who lives in London, England.


She's worked with many celebrities and has lots of advice for anyone on the journey to a career in Makeup Artistry.

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The Amazing Westmore Family - Hollywood Makeup Artist Royalty

Walter (Wally) Westmore preparing the divine Audrey Hepburn



Find out why

Mark Westmore

sent us this stunning photo

of his Grandfather,

Walter (Wally Westmore)

with the divine

Audrey Hepburn

along with this

personal authentication?


"I, Mark Westmore,

grandson of the late

Wally Westmore, make-up artist,

hereby authenticate and confirm

beyond any and all doubt

that the attached photo is

Wally Westmore, preparing actress Audrey Hepburn.


Mark Shelton Westmore, A.C.E."


...and while we're on the subject of The Westmores, you've probably heard of McKenzie Westmore - the beautiful host of Face Off - who is lucky to claim the amazing Westmore family as her relatives.


Read more about this fascinating family

and find out why all Makeup Artists owe them a debt of gratitude.


McKenzie Westmore, host of Face Off
The beautiful McKenzie Westmore

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Author: Mary Collings

Makeup Palette Image Credit: Courtney Rhodes


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Oscar Winners 2014

And the Oscar for Best Makeup and Hair Styling goes to...


Read about the winners and the fellow nominees and the work they did to be honored by the Academy.


The 2014 EE British Academy Film Awards (previously known as the BAFTA's) were announced on 16 February 2014.


The award for Best Makeup & Hair went to: American Hustle - Evelyne Noraz, Lori McCoy-Bell & Kathrine Gordon.